Can I Put New Gutters on My Older Home?

Whether your home is a fixer-upper or historic, you may be thinking of some renovations you’d like done. With an older home, you get many stories, but you also get many projects to be completed. There are many home renovation tasks that can be done, one of them being new gutters.
Do You Need New Gutters?
There […]

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Give Your Home a Makeover with Vinyl Siding

For homeowners that are looking to give their home a face lift, we have the perfect solution—vinyl siding! Vinyl siding is great for not only giving your home a makeover, but it can help improve the curb appeal. Along with improving the look, vinyl siding is at the top for greatest return on investment when […]

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What is a Splash Block?

As a homeowner in the Boston area, one of your most important responsibilities is maintaining your home. To easier understand how to maintain your home, you should know some key phrases, one being a splash block.
What is a Splash Block?
To take a look at your splash block, look underneath your downspouts on the outside of […]

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Deck?

When it comes to installing a deck, it may seem like an expensive project, but it is actually can be rather inexpensive. In the end, the long term benefits will balance out the cost. Below are some benefits you can see once you install a deck:

Installing a deck will provide an improved exterior appeal for […]

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What Does Your Roof Look Like?

One of the most exciting times for homeowners is purchasing and moving into a new home! While exciting, it can also be a frustrating event. From cleaning your gutters to completely replacing your roof, your home is constantly in need of upkeep. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help keep your […]

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Spring Cleaning

With Spring in full swing and snow melting, now is a good time to pay a little extra attention to your home’s gutters. The intention for your gutters is to collect precipitation, but they are also very good at collecting fallen leaves and branches! This can cause your gutters to clog and prevent them from working correctly. […]

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How Can I Prevent Roof Leaks in the Winter?

During the summer, roof leaks can seem like a minor problem, but come the winter, they can cause some serious issues for you. Even the smallest of leaks can create permanent damage, cause black mold to form and allow pests inside. Remember, that when these winter repairs take place, you’ll also be battling snow and […]

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When Is Ice a Danger to Your Roof?

While ice and snow is pretty to look at, it can have a pretty negative affect on your home. Regardless if you live somewhere where your icy seasons lasts for months or only a few weeks, it’s important to be aware of the impact it will have on your home, especially your roof.
When Does Ice […]

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Is Your Ladder Causing Damage to Your Gutters?

As many homeowners know, anytime there is some sort of storm or severe winds, your gutters are going to fill up with leaves, sticks and other types of debris. To ensure your clogged cutters don’t cause any damage, you’ll want to clean them out. But are your gutter cleaning techniques actually causing damage?

Something small like […]

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Residential Roofing Project in Andover, MA

Recently, the JnR Guters, Inc. team was at a home in Andover, MA for a residential roofing project. Check out our before and after photos!

If you’d like more information on our residential roofing services or to receive a free estimate, contact us at 978-372-4088 or by filling out our online contact form.


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