While we may have reached the end of summer BBQs on the back deck, fall is a great time to continue those social gatherings. We’re treated with more comfortable temperatures so it’s best to take advantage of this time! Follow JnR Gutters, Inc.’s fall deck cleanup tips to ensure you’re still able to enjoy your deck until winters rolls in!

  1. If your deck is made of wood, you want to make sure it’s waterproof since they are susceptible to damage from moisture. Make sealing your deck a regular task that you follow throughout the fall. When water is pooling on your deck, you want to make sure it’s on the surface instead of your deck absorbing it. If you find that the water is being absorbed by your deck, you’ll need to apply another coat of waterproof sealant. Before you seal, clean off your deck and contact a contractor to see what type of sealant they recommend.
  2. For vinyl or composite decks, there’s no need to seal, paint or stain, but you will need to wash it down at least once a year. If you haven’t hosed down your deck yet, do it now! If you let them sit too long, any grease stains from summer BBQs can become irreparable.
  3. If you haven’t started cleaning up leaves, acorns or pine needles, now is the time. Parts of these signs of fall can get stuck in your deck boards and cause them to decay.
  4. Like any new season, it’s fun to decorate your house for it and this includes your deck! A popular decoration for fall are pumpkins. When it comes time to set them out, make sure they’re not resting directly on the deck’s surface. When your pumpkin begins to rot, the moisture from it can damage your deck and can cause it the wood to rot.
  5. While trees in the summer are great for shade on a hot day, fall weather can be a bit windier and cause branches to fall on your deck. Once winter hits, any heavy snowfall can cause branches to break and fall to your deck, causing damage. Check any branches that are by your deck that might be at risk of falling.

Our tips will help to make sure your deck stays in good condition throughout the fall and ensure you’re ready for the first snowfall. For more tips on maintaining your deck or for questions on our deck services, contact JnR Gutters, Inc. today! We can be reached by calling 978-372-4088 or by filling out our online contact form.