With warmer weather here, homeowners are utilizing their deck more often and making it one of the most popular spots of their home. Since it’s being used more often, you might notice the wear and tear, especially on a wooden deck. Without the correct care and maintenance, wooden decks can deteriorate quickly. Protect your deck with these preventative tips to ensure your deck is ready all summer long!

  • To avoid trapping dirt or moisture on the surface of the deck, place any flower planters on top of cement blocks.
  • If you know you’ll be grilling this summer, use a grease catcher so you don’t have to deal with removing difficult grease stains.
  • To ensure you don’t stain your deck, remove dirt and leaves by sweeping your deck on a regular basis.
  • At least every 2-3 years, clean and seal your deck to keep it from the damages rain and sun.
  • If you recently had your deck installed, hire a professional to clean it to have any mildew spores in the wood killed.
  • To prevent peeling, refrain from staining or painting your deck with a solid stain. This will end up leaving you with a substantial amount of maintenance to correct. If you are going to stain or paint, use an oil-based stain. This will protect your deck the best and when they do start to fade, it is more natural and slow.
  • To avoid having to replace your whole deck, replace any rotted boards you find. Make sure to tighten any loose boards or railings during regular scheduled maintenance.

For more tips on keeping your deck summer ready or to schedule regular deck maintenance, contact JnR Gutters, Inc. today! We can be reached by calling 978-372-4088 or by filling out our online contact form.