As most residents in New England can attest, the winters here can be brutal and snowy. During this season, your home’s exterior, especially your deck, can take a beating if not protected correctly. JnR Gutters, Inc. has a couple of tips to ensure that your deck stays safe this winter!

  • As the colder weather approaches, be sure to de-clutter your deck of any furniture or objects. If you leave any summer planters out, there’s a chance of moisture leaking onto your deck, which can cause discoloration of the wood. Instead of keeping them out, store planters under your deck or in your garage.
  • Keep your deck clean of debris to prevent damage to it during the winter. Anything left behind can cause the surface of you deck to rot, which can lead to deterioration.
  • Because decks are a popular spot for mold and mildew, be sure to remove any that is present. You can expect the moisture on your deck, especially the boards, to attract mold and mildew during the winter.
  • For extra protection, this winter, apply a high-quality sealant to any cracks and your deck surface to defend it from ice and moisture.
  • For a more direct approach, you can prevent snow from building up on your deck by covering it with a tarp. Covering with a tarp can also help to prevent any warping and from ice forming in any cracks you may have.
  • To avoid damaging your deck’s finish, when you go to remove snow, shovel in the same direction as the boards. Using salt or other products to melt snow may cause discoloration or damage so avoid using those types of products.

If you do find that your deck has experienced some damage this winter, contact the professionals at JnR Gutters, Inc. for our deck repair services! Contact us at 978-372-4088 or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate!