If you’ve noticed a constant drip coming from your roof, this is a sign that your home could be in trouble. Not only do leaks cause mold to grow and rot the inside of your home, but they can also increase your heating and cooling bills.

Picture that you’re outside in the cold, but you have a nice fluffy sweater on to keep you warm. Now imagine that sweater gets wet from rain, it’s not going to offer the same warmth and you’ll get cold. The same goes for your roof. Your attic insulation acts as your sweater and can work for years, but if it gets wet, it will become drenched. Over the years, constant leaks to your insulation will cause damage to it and degrade it. If you schedule a roof repair early enough, it not only will protect your roof from mold, but your insulation will be protected and your energy bills will decrease.

From awnings and fans in the summer to sweaters in the winter, there are various ways to reduce your energy bills. The best way to keep your energy bills in check is to ensure your home is in good shape! Your roof is an important part in cooling and protecting your home. There is a cool roof movement that more and more people are becoming involved with. This movement has you install light-colored coatings on your roof to help in reflecting sunlight. Another way to control you energy bills in by maintaining your home’s insulation. Homes with poorly insulated roofs will need more heat during the winter and cool air during the summer. Without insulation, the air can move in and out of your home easily.

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