guy on ladderAs many homeowners know, anytime there is some sort of storm or severe winds, your gutters are going to fill up with leaves, sticks and other types of debris. To ensure your clogged cutters don’t cause any damage, you’ll want to clean them out. But are your gutter cleaning techniques actually causing damage?

Something small like a branch can cause your gutters to clog, sag or warp so what’s to say that leaning your ladder against your gutters won’t either. The pressure that your body weight puts onto the gutter is what can cause it to sag, warp or clog. A warped gutter can cause more clogging or the gutter to sag and break.

How Can I Avoid Ladder Damage?

While you don’t want your ladder climbing efforts to cause future gutter issues, you’ll still need to remove debris to prevent clogged gutters. To ensure that you don’t cause damage from your ladder, using a ladder stabilizer can stabilize your ladder on your roof and not your gutter. The stabilizers will distribute the weight of yourself and the ladder to the wall and/or your roof.

Contact the Professionals

Using a ladder to clean is not only danger to your gutters, but it can also be dangerous for yourself. Ladders can easily slip and most times, it’s best if you use a spotter to keep you stable on a ladder. For homeowners with especially tall homes, you may need an extension ladder, which poses even more of a threat. In the end, it’s best to contact the professionals as they are trained to clean gutters of all sized homes.

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