If you’ve noticed a brown and gooey substance in your gutters, it’s safe to say the gutter sludge monster has paid you a visit. This issue grows all through the year, but can be a big problem during the fall. There are gutter covers, filters and cleaning, but which works best for homeowners?

Where is the Sludge Coming From?

The sludge that you’re finding in your gutters comes from materials from your roof. This could be anything from debris, pine needles or decomposed leaves. It is also made up of moss and algae. This sludge can be difficult to clean because it is very fine. Over time, this sludge creates a mass that can be difficult to clean up.

Will Gutter Filters Help?

To help reduce sludge that can gather, you can insert a mesh gutter filter. If your gutters have a large amount of sludge, the net can become clogged and will no longer work properly.

Will Cleaning my Gutters Help?

For homeowners that are meticulous when it comes to cleaning, this is a good way to keep your gutters free of sludge. Homeowners should stick to a regular schedule of cleaning during the fall and spring when leaves and pollen will gather in gutters. Removing the sludge isn’t enough-you’ll need to make sure you clean the bottom of the gutter as well.

Will Gutter Covers Decrease Sludge Buildup?

Gutter covers are the most efficient way you can take care of sludge that has accumulated. Gutter covers will let leaves and sometimes debris slide off gutters instead of making its way inside.

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