Suppliers: GAF , CertainTeed & TAMKO

Roof Replacements – Quick and Easy

Often times, if a roof is in need of replacing, it is currently or potentially facing an emergency situation. This threatens one of your most valuable assets, your home and all the belongings in it. Whether you are dealing with a leaky or aging roof, roof aesthetics or preventing ice damming, it is important to have roofing experts implement a solid roof.

We provide two types of roofing shingles: slotted and architect. With our experienced staff you can be assured that you will have a roof that is evenly covered and aesthetically pleasing.

Stripping The Roof vs Go Over

There are two processes to roofing installations. The first is to strip the roof of the sick or damaged shingles. The second is installing the new roof over the old roof. The recommended process is to strip off the old roof and recreate a new roof.

The Service Value Added

JnR Gutters, Inc. has been performing re-roofing installations for over ten years in the Boston, MA area. Our staff is skilled in the labor intensive removal and installation techniques for roofing projects. This is the process that we follow for each Boston roofing installation:

  • Measure the squares, determine proper ventilation, and provide an estimate.
  • Pull building permit.
  • Strip the old materials on the roof.
  • Apply an ice and water shield, and a drip edge going up rakes and lower roof board.
  • Apply new shingles, felt paper, and if applicable, cut ridge vent.
  • Add proper ventilation by adding soffit vent, if necessary.
  • Clean area and remove all materials from job site

Average installation time: 1-2 days

Supplier Partners: GAF, CertainTeed & TAMKO

Why Choose JnR Gutters, Inc.?

JnR Gutters, Inc. performs more than 100 roofing projects each year. Again making us one of the most experienced roofing companies in Boston and the rest of New England.