As many homeowners know, there’s nothing that looks worse than grotty gutters while the rest of your home is pristine. They could be clogged or have algae growing on them. Whatever the reason might be, they’re not looking too good! Check out our natural cleaners to have your gutters looking good as new in an eco-friendly way.

Prevent Dirty Gutters

To keep your gutters clean, the first step is preventing them from getting clogged and dirty. When gutters aren’t clogged and leaking, there’s no need to clean them as frequently. Seasons like fall and spring are when gutters usually clog so make sure to keep them clean during these times. Cleaning your gutters can be tiring so skip this step by using gutter covers. This will help keep debris out of your gutters and keep water flowing through them.

Water and Hand Tools

If you notice that your home’s gutters are full of debris, use a trowel to remove all of it. For any leftover leaves or debris, run your hose down the gutters to remove. This can also show if your gutters have any leaks and where they are located.

Using Vinegar

For the gutter debris that won’t loosen up, create a solution with 1 cup of vinegar for every 3 gallons of water. Block off your gutters and leak the cleaner soak in. After an hour, run your hose and use a soft brush to remove more debris. The water should move any excess debris out of your gutters.

If you’re still having issues keeping your gutters clean, JnR Gutters Inc. is here to help. We specialize in residential gutter services and can help to prevent your gutters from clogging and leaking. Request a free estimate by calling us at 978-372-4088 or by filling out our online contact form.