Typically, a clogged gutter is a nightmare and while this is true, the difficulty of fixing it comes from the type of clogged gutter it is. Some gutter issues can be easier to fix than others. What types of debris are filling up your gutters and which is the worst for your gutters?

Fine Debris

One of the worst types of debris for your gutters is the kind that is practically invisible. Debris this fine can make its way into your gutters and begin to accumulate, causing gutters to clog with water and sag. When cleaning your gutters, pine needles can be one of the toughest items to remove. Needles from evergreen trees can float to your roof then eventually wind up in your gutters. If your gutters have small cracks, they can get stuck there and accrue. To avoid this, invest in covers to place over your gutters.


Regardless of where you live, fine sediment can be an issue from a dusty road or old, decomposing asphalt shingles. Often times, homeowners think that mesh gutter filters will do the job, but this kind of sediment slides right through the water. It is usually heavier than water so it will sink to the bottom of the gutter and create a coating. This then slows down water and makes it easier for debris to accumulate. To prevent this, use a gutter cover that will take care of finer debris and move it from the roof.

Springtime Plants

When it comes to springtime and plants, it can only mean one thing: pollination. From pollen to seeds and blossoms, spring is full of items that can clog up your gutters. These items can be sticky at times, making it a bit difficult to remove from gutters. If they come into contact with water, they create a powder-like mulch that sticks to gutters and traps other types of debris.

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