One of the most exciting times for homeowners is purchasing and moving into a new home! While exciting, it can also be a frustrating event. From cleaning your gutters to completely replacing your roof, your home is constantly in need of upkeep. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help keep your roof maintained:

  • Inspect your home’s roof on a regular basis. Look for any missing or loose shingles, unprotected nails or any other areas that look like they need fixing. If you notice cracked or peeled shingles, this could be an indication that your roof needs replacing.
  • If you notice moss forming on your roof, purchase a moss cleaner to remove and brush away with a broom after. Steer clear of using power washers or bristled brushes. They can cause UV-protectant particles to wear away early.
  • As most homeowners know, New England weather comes with a lot of moisture and wind. During the winter months, make sure to remove any leaves, debris or branches from your roof. To prevent injury, make sure the roof the roof is dry so you don’t slip.

If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting or cleaning off your roof, have a professional do it! Contact JnR Gutters, Inc. at 978-372-4088 to request a free estimate for any roofing services.