As a homeowner in the Boston area, one of your most important responsibilities is maintaining your home. To easier understand how to maintain your home, you should know some key phrases, one being a splash block.

What is a Splash Block?

To take a look at your splash block, look underneath your downspouts on the outside of your home. You’ll see either a concrete or plastic device under the downspout. They are typically rectangle and will have an end that opens and an end that closes. Splash blocks are used to steer water away from your house.

Why do I Need a Splash Block?

When a New England storm hits, the water will come out of your home’s downspout hard. If you find that the water isn’t being steered away from your home, you can find yourself with some serious problems. The water can then pool around your foundation and cause cracks and leaks. A damaged foundation can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. It can also create soil corrosion and damage your yard. A splash block will help in preventing these damages and repairs.

Why Isn’t my Splash Block Working?

If you find that your splash blocks aren’t working properly, take a look to see if they are placed correctly. The open end of the splash block should be directed away from your home and the closed end near your home’s downspout. Make sure the splash blocks are facing the right away so you can prevent damage to your home.

You may even find that your home is missing splash blocks! If you are having new gutters installed, a professional, like JnR Gutters, Inc. can install splash blocks at the same time. Contact us today at 978-372-4088 to learn more about our gutter and splash block installation services!