home with icy roofWhile ice and snow is pretty to look at, it can have a pretty negative affect on your home. Regardless if you live somewhere where your icy seasons lasts for months or only a few weeks, it’s important to be aware of the impact it will have on your home, especially your roof.

When Does Ice Become an Issue?

For Massachusetts and New Hampshire home owners, you’re used to waking up to a frosted roof in the winter, but when does it become dangerous? You can expect water damage from ice forming in your gutters. During the fall and spring, water travels down to your gutters from the roof. Gutters, that are cleaned regularly or have a cover, allow water to move more freely and into the drains. During the colder months, temperatures drop, causing the water in your gutters to become colder. For homes with clogged gutters, the water will move slowly and can turn into ice. When ice is building up in your gutters, it starts off slow. It smarts in smaller pieces that will block water from going down the drain.

What Happens When Your Gutters Are Clogged With Ice?

When your gutters are clogged with ice, it can cause them to warp. When your gutters are full of ice, they’ll flow over the sides. This can cause icicles and can be dangerous to pedestrians below. One of the most difficult ice formation consequences is when snow or freezing rain lands on your roof. While some roofs might be warm enough that it can cause the snow or ice to melt, causing the water to travel to the gutters. When the water reaches your gutters, and is exposed to the cold air, it freezes. This causes an ice dam, which can lead to water backing up on your roof. Any leftover water will make its way into cracks, freeze and thaw again. This causes these cracks in your roof to expand and seep into your attic.

Overflowing Ice

Not only is ice a hazard to your roof, but it can also be dangerous to your landscaping and any structures around it. Areas where the temperatures teeter back and forth between freezing can be deadly for your walkways as well. Your gutters aren’t able to drain correctly if the ice melts, but remains in there. This water will drip down to the walkway and turn into ice when it freezes again. The water can also make its way behind your gutters, traveling down your siding and causing damage.

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