During the winter months, various elements of a commercial property, like your windows, are susceptible to heat loss. From cracks in the seals to poor insulation, commercial windows are the number one target for inefficiencies. One of the most effective ways is updating and replacing older windows. Here are a few other tips from JnR Gutters, Inc. to improve the efficiency of your commercial property.

What Areas Are Losing Heat?

As you begin the winterizing process, do a detailed inspection of windows located on the commercial property. Check window seals for any cracks or leaks. The older the seal, the less flexibility it will have, resulting in them to shrink/become brittle and causing inefficiencies. Commercial property owners can keep track of fluctuations in temperature with a heat scanning device. This helps to show where cold is entering and warm air is escaping your property. You’ll then be able to determine the issue and what your solution is.

Insulate Your Commercial Windows

Typically, older commercial windows aren’t insulated correctly, which can result in the glass not retaining heat. If you’re not in the market to replace your older windows, there are insulation solutions available.

Replace Inefficient Windows

While you can replace seals to improve the insulation of older windows, that is only a temporary solution. Because they’re not designed with the latest technology, they will still be behind the times. Updating older windows to a double or triple-paned glass will provide you with an increase in your energy savings.

For commercial property owners that are looking to decrease their heating costs and provide more comfort for occupants, consider installing energy efficient windows! JnR Gutters, Inc. is happy to answer any window installation or replacement questions you may have. To receive a quote, fill out our online contact form or call us at 978-372-4088.